Welcome to SyOf


SystemOverflow was created November, 2014. The business was created after a friend’s Mom asked him if he knew anyone who could make a website for her business. Well, he did. It was us (SystemOverflow).

SystemOverflow LLC has two names on paper. It is Mathew and Tyler. For the time being, I, Mathew, primarily handle SystemOverflow because Tyler is usually busy or doing his own thing.

At the time Tyler and I were Network I.T. for Mercy Health Systems. After confronted with the opportunity to make someone’s website we said “Well, why not?” Now here we are.

SystemOverflow has gone through a bit of change over the past two years. Initially, we went for a kind of poppy, flashy, in your face appearance. That no longer interests us. We’ve learned it’s content that matters. Not over-the-top aesthetics. We also do not proactively search for new clients. A majority of our clients come from word of mouth, which we wholeheartedly appreciate.

Thanks for reading.