We’ve made tons of websites over the past couple of years. Some websites we made (or were working on) never came to fruition for whatever reason. Other companies used our design for X amount of time and decided to switch to someone else because they were not happy with our work. It happens sometimes.

Our turn-over rate though is pretty low. Historically we’ve used advertising companies as a means to drive our sales. Sometimes that hasn’t worked in our favor hence we no longer do that.

Anyway, the links below are sites/companies that still employ our services for hosting, maintenance, or initial design. You’ll also notice that 99% of the time we do not list “Created by SystemOverflow” on the page unless they give us explicit permission. Regardless, we normally don’t do that because it kind of makes the site look less genuine.

Baron405 from Street Outlaws
Dan the Painter from OKC
Jaxx Juice, online Vape Shop
Our friend Clayton, from PLG advertising
Fancy That! Awesome place to eat in Norman
SharpNPointy, makes custom knives
AdvantageGuttering. Install Gutters, etc. Cool guys
ACMSheetMetal – Custom Metal Fabrication.
NewBonneville Motorcycle shop. 1,000+ item e-commerce site.
Precision Axle Scales. They do some military like stuff
ImagineChampions. We listed it, but the site is invite online. Sorry.
David Lee Comm.
Momentum Roofing. Awesome roof installation
Our friend Tuoc. She is an incredible artist.
AMAR. They rebuild your storm damaged home.

and 3 other websites that are no longer active because they went out of business.