Over here we believe in full-disclosure. We welcome any/all questions for the good, the bad, and the ugly.

  1. How much do your charge?
    We do not have an hourly rate. We make a bid on the site for the projected amount of work. Sometime’s e-commerce sites get pricey ($900 – $2,500) simply because we have to manually enter data on 100+ items and that is a lot of work.

    Smaller sites are much easier, especially if you can provide most of the content upfront (pictures, text to put on the site, contact info, a logo, etc.) we can do that for as cheap as $250 depending on how much it is and how fancy you want the site to look.

    Generally, our average price runs about $500/website.

  2.  Do you host the website?
    Yes we do, if you want us to. We charge a flat fee of $50/year. That comes with backups, e-mails and all that jazz. Don’t let other web design companies fool you, it is not hard at all to setup e-mails for users.
  3. Can we host our site on our own server?
  4. Do we have to purchase the domain name ourselves (website name)?
    You can if you want. We could also purchase it for you. We don’t charge extra for that. We just add the domain name cost to your bill & we invoice you annually for however much it costs. It usually runs $14/year. You can also buy a few years in advance for a bit cheaper which comes out to something like $50/5 years
  5. How do you make the websites?
    We almost always use the WordPress content management system. It’s easy for rapid-development of websites and they make some beautiful appearances. We NEVER pay for any add-on or appearance.
  6. How long does it usually take?
    Depends entirely on the site. We usually ballpark 30 days for completion. This timeline gives us some space to maneuver. This also depends on how quick we and you (or whomever) can communicate with us. If it takes two weeks to get back to us, don’t expect it to be done in less than 2 weeks.
  7.  Do you do custom development (PHP/MYSQL)
    Usually, no. But, depending on what you want we can contract someone to handle it for us.
  8. Do you make apps? (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone)
    Same thing we said on #7
  9. Do you do free consultations?
    Yes. We have no problems answering questions or just shootin’ the breeze.